A Generation Drowning in Information, Yet Still Thirsty For Knowledge

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This is the information age. In this day and age any piece of information on any topic you could possibly think of is literally sitting at your fingertips. So why does it seem like ignorance is at an all time high in our society. It’s almost like the more information we have access to, the less we know. A catch 22 indeed.

I bring this up because of a discussion some friends and I have been having on gmail about the war in Libya. I (being the contrarian that I am) am on the complete opposite side of my liberal mates who are in support of the war. The argument pretty much goes like this: They say ‘Gaddafi is/was targeting protesters so the US is right for intervening’. I say ‘How do you know that Gaddafi is/was targeting protesters, there is no evidence that suggests this’. I then get a link to an article such as this which then “proves” their point that Gaddafi is in fact killing civilians.

I am a skeptic by design so I am going to look at this article critically and tell you why this is hack journalism (not that hack journalism isnt prevalent in the whole of the main stream media, MSM from now on).

Relevant quote from the article:

“The situation here is very bad. Tanks started shelling the town this morning,” a resident, called Mohammed, told Reuters by telephone from outside the city’s hospital, adding:

“Snipers are taking part in the operation too. A civilian car was destroyed killing four children on board, the oldest is aged 13 years.”

For me to say that this person is not credible enough of a  source for this to be your only source in the story seems painfully obvious to me. Its some guy who called Rueters, claimed to be ouside of the hospital and apparently has inside knowledge as to who was in this alleged exploded car and the ages of said explosion victims. Theres a possibility that the entire story was made up. The hospital was not called for the story. No attempt was made to contact family members to coroberate the story, no actual journalism was done.

It’s like if I called Reuters right now and said there is a UFO landing on my house right now and Reuters ran a headline the next day that read “UFO Lands on Man’s House”. That would be insanity and you wouldnt expect that type of journalism from such a “trusted” news organization. Ive seen this story re-reported in the Post, but the death toll from the car explosion was 6 and the source was a doctor at the hospital, supposedly.

Some of the things that bother me about this story specifically:

Nevermind the fact that the idea of a car carrying 4 or six children driving in the middle of a war zone seems fishy at best to me, nevermind the person propogating this has the motive and means to lie about the situation, the fact that this story has gained so much steam without a shred of evidence is what leads me to believe that its false. It runs lock step with what the Obama administration would have you believe about what going on in Libya. Where have we seen this type of behavior before?

Oh yea, it was 2003. In the run up to the Iraq war, if you will recall, Bush’ administration came with a media blitz. Chart after chart, graph after graph, UN hearing after UN hearing, we were told that Sadam Hussein had WMD’s, yellow cake uranium, and all other types of shit that could harm US citizens. The media got this information, did no research into its validity and ran wild with it. Why? Because believe it or not, the MSM feeds off of public panic. Its the lifeblood of the industry. The more people are scared, the more they look to CNN, Wapo, NY Times, Fox News for answers. Its whats good for business.When It turned out that the information was incorrect and that the MSM hadn’t done their jobs, their reaction was simply ‘Whoops, Mulligan’.

To the public that recent history seems like a lifetime ago. But it wasn’t. In fact the coalition (coalition of the willing, right) invaded Libya almost 8 years to the day that they invaded Iraq. It wasn’t that long ago, but the lessons that we should have learned have been long forgotten. President Obama has a speech planned for Monday concerning Libya that I am sure  all of the MSM networks will be televising. After you watch the speech, I urge you to turn off your set or change the channel . Don’t listen to to the recap. Let what he said sink into your brain. Think critically on your own about what he said and how you feel about it. We are told what the news is then told how to feel about the news; just a herd moving along. But how do you feel about the situation. Even if you don’t come to the same conclusion as I did, the fact that you thought critically on your own is a step towards breaking the hold that the MSM has on our society. We dont have any excuses. All of the knowledge we need is within our reach, drink from the trough. Free your mind.


Think Twice Before Giving Aid to Japan

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Its once again time to put on your tin-foil hats with your favorite contrarian. Me. The inspiration for this post came to me yesterday while I was watching 106 and Park (by watch I mean had it on while I was surfing the net and watching two other programs, its 2011, a man like myself must multitask my entertainment).

They had just finished playing the new Dr. Dre and Eminem song, when Terrence made some stupid joke about Dre being ripped in the video. The girl with no personality who co-hosts (is her name lisa?) interrupts him and lets the audience know that the fuel rods in the earthquake damaged Japanese nuclear reactor might explode. She then follows up by saying if you want to donate go to Care.org, because we know you care, or something, then go to this website. This caused me to pause because I had seen this before.

Remember during the crisis in Haiti, it seemed like every channel (something like 80% of the channels on tv are owned by like 3 companies so thats not a surprise) had a way for you to simply text a number and 5 dollars would be sent to an aid-organization that you had never heard of, Yele (?), and some you had heard of, Red Cross (the worst of the worst). Im sure it felt very American to be able to help by literally only lifting a finger to do so. Conscious cleared, back to the conflict diamonds on 106 and Park.

Then we had our own impartial media (ha!) patting us on the back for all the great charity work we were doing. Meanwhile the heads of Red Cross Organizations were being indicted on embezzlement charges in cases that spanned from Orange County to Sweeden

Then it  starts coming out in report, after report, after report, after report, that all of your funds are not going to the impovrished people of Haiti. It turns out that being in the charity relief industry is actually big business (shocking I know). Some of the members of the Red Cross board of Directors (8 of whom are appointed by the United States governemnt)

  • Gail J. McGovern, the President/CEO of the American Red Cross, also holds a Top managing Position at AT&T (lucrative telecom contracts because of Hatian Americans wanting to call home)
  • Paula E. Boggs, Executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of Starbucks Coffee Company, is also on the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the American Red Cross (guess what Haiti’s number one export is)
  • Steve Wunning the Vice Chair of Audit and Risk Management Committee and member of the Compensation and Management Development Committee of the American Red Cross. Also Group President of Catepillar Inc. (A heavy machinery and construction equipment company that stands to profit handsomely from our donations)
  • The company pharmacuetical company Merck has been handling the AIDS vaccinations and other medical needs of the people or Haiti. Allan Goldberg, The Chair for the QRC Subcommittee and member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee for the American Red Cross is the Executive Director at Merck and Co.*(source)

The list goes on and on and on. My point is this, donating to relief efforts around the world is a good thing, but just make sure you know who you are donating to. Make sure you are comfortable with where your money is going, because if its not reaching the people you intended it to, then you are really just donating to make yourself feel better and not really for the purpose of helping those that need it.

Barack Obama Going Back on Another Campaign Promise: And Why You Should Expect More Of the Same

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Two sides, same coin

Readers of my blog know that I am very critical of President Barack Obama. I’ve said for months that his handling of the financial crisis (the 700 billion dollar bailout) which is still fucking us; his prosecution of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (the only reason why we are escalating in Afghanistan probably has something to do with Pakistan); and his use of unmanned drone attacks abroad (this deserves an entire blog post in and of itself) all seem very Bush-like to me. My liberal friends tend to think I am overreacting when I say that George Bush and Barack Obama are playing for the same team, but I believe the proof is in the pudding and the last two years under Obama are only a foreshadowing of all the bullshit we are about to go through as a nation. The latest example of the extension of the Obama/Bush doctrine was the news today that President Obama was “creating an indefinite detention system” at the secret military prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Ill goahead and repeat that for posterity’s sake. He is using his executive power to create a system of indefinite detention at our (and by our I mean the US’) very secret and very unconstitutional secret prison that is located in a “hostile” country.

Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the order vindicated Obama’s predecessor. “I commend the Obama Administration for issuing this Executive Order,” he said in a statement. “The bottom line is that it affirms the Bush Administration policy that our government has the right to detain dangerous terrorists until the cessation of hostilities.”

Republicans will tell you that this is an affirmation of the Bush doctrine. Bush/Cheney/Rove continually say that history will prove them right on their foreign policy stances. Based on the comment section trolls (no Charlie Sheen) in the Washington Post article, this seems to be the interpretation of events by the political right. Obama has realized that governing a country isn’t all roses and negotiations, sometimes the executive has to move unilaterally. We are, after all living, in a post-9/11 world that blah blah blah blah blah….. This coming from the supposed small-government political side of the same coin, I mean spectrum.

Democrats will feel betrayed because this was one of the main sticking points in their hatred of Dubya. They accused Bush of rolling back our liberties with the Patriot Act and acting against the will of the people in opening and maintaining a secret prison not under the jurisdiction of United States laws. They (formally we) were right. Bush was absolutely destroying our freedoms right in front of us all the while setting us on a precarious slope in terms of domestic surveillance (Patriot Act). Since all of our information is on the web these days anyway via Facebook, Twitter, Google, our smartphones etc etc we were right to be alarmed.

But much like his predecessor the reason why Obama was picked is because he is the kool-aid (is that racist?) that allows us to swallow these bitter pills. Liberals, like the conservatives before them, will not only trust a President who they think is fighting for them, but will also make excuses for that President when it is clear he is not working in their best interests. If it were Obama that had signed the Patriot Act, something that would be typical in the view of a conservative who believes liberals are big government, there would have been riots in the streets. But since the man implementing the new laws was “on their side” then it was defended rather foolishly by the political right. Not to be outdone in terms of the herd mentality, when its liberals turn to raise hell about the government fucking the people, they are eerily silent.

It takes a strong and mature political audience to admit that it was wrong when it comes to a leader in whom they have invested so much hope. But liberals, its time to wake up and smell the roses. Obama doesn’t work for you. You knew that Bush wasn’t working for you, why is it so impossible to think that Obama is the same way? The proof is in his policies!

I will absolutely be watching the Daily Show tonight to see what John Stewart thinks of this situation. Chances are he plays a bunch of clips where Obama vows to close Gitmo, then plays a clip of today’s announcement makes a few jokes, calls it dissapointing and moves on. I personally think he should be raising a stark alarm, but hey, as I said, liberals tend to think I overreact.

“And though it seems heaven sent/ We aint ready to have a black President”


Astroturfing: How Drake, Wiz Khalifa and Barack Obama Are More Similar Than You Might Think

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Everything aint rosy

Before you can understand how two of U.S. most popular new rappers and Barack Obama are cut from the same cloth I want you to get familiar with a certain term. That term is Astroturfing. As taken from the world’s most accurate encyclopedia:


Astroturfing is a form of advocacy often in support of a political or corporate agenda designed to give the appearance of a “grassroots” movement. The goal of such campaigns is to disguise the efforts of a political and/or commercial entity as an independent public reaction to some political entity—a politician, political group, product, service or event. The term is a derivation of AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to look like natural grass.

Astroturfers attempt to orchestrate the actions of apparently diverse and geographically distributed individuals, by both overt (“outreach”, “awareness”, etc.) and covert (disinformation) means. Astroturfing may be undertaken by an individual promoting a personal agenda, or highly organized professional groups with money from large corporations, unions, non-profits, or activist organizations. Very often, the efforts are conducted by political consultants who also specialize in opposition research. Beneficiaries are not “grass root” campaigners but distant organizations that orchestrate such campaigns.

Keep this in mind throughout this article.

Let’s start with Drake. Personal feelings about the “Degrassi” alum aside, Drake has had an unprecedented rise to the top of the rap game. Drake’s first mixtape, “Room For Improvement” (indeed) was released in ’06. It didn’t make much noise and was panned. Fast forward three years and a couple other shitty mixtapes later and you have what Billboard Magazine described at the time as “one of the biggest bidding wars ever”.

The story goes that somehow Screech from the Canadian Saved By the Bell got Trey Songz to feature on a song called Replacement Girl, which was then debuted on BET in 2007. Upon hearing said shitty mixtape, the mixtape king, Young Weezy the F stands for Phenomenal Baby (no really), was so impressed that he invited Drake out to tour with him.

This is ‘08 and at this point there is still supposedly no deal between Drake and Young Money. Fast forward to spring ’09 and Drake drops the ubiquitous Best I Ever Had single and Every Girl, which featured 4 Young Money members. Billboard would have you believe that this is what sparked the ‘World War 3 of bidding wars’ but being the contrarian that I am, lets just say that I’m a little skeptical of chronological order of that retelling of events.

Drake ends up breaking all types of records for radio spins. He re-releases his mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ as a for-retail EP, and it goes on to sell over 500,000 copies. I am going to repeat that for you. He repackaged and sold a FREE mixtape that had less songs on it than the original freeer version and went on to go Gold! In 2009! In an era where 90% of established artists don’t see Gold plaques on their full length studio albums! If you were to believe what his fans told you, he did it off the strength of hard work and keeping his name out there and releasing dope music and, then…. Pow… your performing at the Grammy’s and you don’t even have an album out yet.

Then there is Wiz Khalifa. I wont go in depth into his story for time reasons but suffice to say that while most people think that Wiz’ upcoming “Rolling Papers” album will be his debut, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wiz has been signed since 2006. Ill go ahead and repeat that, 2006. This will in fact be his THIRD studio album, and the bama has already reinvented himself fromt this! To this:

Why do most fans think that Wiz is new to the scene? Well it might have something to do with XXL putting him on the cover of their “Freshman 10” list in 2010. Ive heard of 5th and 6th year seniors, but if you’re a third year freshman then school probably aint for you.

What does this have to do with Barack Obama you might ask? Well think about it in terms of astroturfing. People forget this, but one of Obama’s first introductions to the national consciousness was at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Chosen to speak supposedly because he was a great orator, Obama gave a rousing message at the DNC that year. The story goes that this catapulted him from freshman Senator to President of the United States.

Im not going to get into all the crazy things about his past that are either unanswered or just seem plain fishy, but I will say that the rabbit hole is extremely deep. We know that astroturfing works in music. We know it works in movies (see Snakes on a Plane, I mean don’t actually see that movie as it will be a waste of your time, but see as in reference). We know that the media, whether it’s Billboard Magazine, XXL, CNN, or Fox News is implicit in astroturfing. What does this tell us about our Knight in shining armor and media darling in chief?

Obama, if nothing else, was all about hype during the campaign. That’s why we were in the streets after he won (Ill be the first to admit the mufucka had me fooled). For once the hype felt real.  But with a new understanding of how our pop culture works and what astroturfing is and how it influences the masses, what can we say that we REALLY know about who he is and what his agenda may be. Free your mind.

“Believe half of what you see (Even if its spat by me)”

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There is so much misinformation out there, it’s almost overwhelming at times. I was just scouring the internets for some news on the Egyptian protests in Cairo when I stumbled across this article, which is titled:


As Katt Williams would say, that immediately got my Spidey sense tingling. That seems like pretty big news. Why hasn’t CNN or or the WashPo or NY Times or even Fox News picked up on this story. After reading the first paragraph I understood why it had not been picked up, it’s not true.

“Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with it’s eastern neighbor.

Speaking with Iranian television station Al-Alam, Mohamed Ghanem blamed Israel for supporting Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Ghanem also said that the Egyptian police and army won’t be able to stop the Muslim Brotherhood movement.”

First if there is such a video I would love to see it. Secondly the most inflamatory part of the article (the part in bold) lacks any quotations whatsoever. So now we lack actual video, audio or written transcript of what was said. As for the second paragraph that actually holds quotes, objective examination proves Ghanem’s assertion to be pretty benign.

The fact is that Israel, along with the United States and numerous other supposedly pro-democracy Western powers have supported the dictator Mubarak. Secondly the army and police probably can’t stop the tide that is rolling in unless the resort to the unthinkable and start firing on protesters.

I love reading comments. Thats usually the best part about any post, whether its viral video or completely made up blog posts, peoples reactions never dissapoint and this “news article” is no exception. Here are some of the jewels:

Nobarak08 said: Obama first speech in a foreign country was in Egypt. It was Obama’s sign to MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD that their time has come, for their father of all lies is about to be unleashed upon the world. The father of all lies is the devil and that is whom all Muslims pray to and for.

When*Pigs8Fly said: A couple of years ago I would have written you off as a crazy bigot, but after studying islam myself I am convinced it is evil and if there really is a devil then islam is surely his creation.

and my personal favorite

James said :This treasonous Coward some people call the President will someday go down as a traitor. The fact is, if Israel is attacked and can see no way out but it’s destruction, The Sampson Option WILL come into play. Israel will nuke the entire Middle East, From the Tigris to the Nile, Iran and Pakistan. India will then nuke Pakistan the the world grinds to a screeching halt. I can tell you how much I hate the Fraud in Chief and this administration anyway but especially for their complicity in all of this. If Socialist/Islamist riots come to the U.S. I will die a free man but a lot of these mongrel Socialists and Islamists are going down with me. A lot. I think we should go a head and just Nuke Mecca.

In his ‘Never Scared’ standup from ’04 Chris Rock dropped this jewel on the world (fast forward to minute 6′ in the video above), “Anyone who makes up their mind before they hear the issue is a fucking fool”. The way people consume information these days is incredibly scary. We have an unlimited library of information at our hands but we have been trained to consume without any analytical thought, not only are we given the news but then we are also told how to feel about the news, and thats in the best case scenarios. The worst case is trash articles like this that only serve to rile up an already paranoid and bigoted audience.

Zune Tuesday*

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Ok so to make this blog better and my posts more frequent I think itll be good to designate days for certain postings. The only problem with this idea is that I probably wont stick to it, but hopefully I will.

So from now on Tuesdays will be devoted to emptying the contents of my Zune, yes I said Zune onto these pages. Why should you care what I’m listening to. Because I’m the shit thats why, and my musical tastes are above reproach. Got that? Good. Now without further ado, lets get it in.

•Nas and Damien Marley off the oft delayed and hopefully dropping soon collab album Distant Relatives – Strong Will Continue

This really is my shit right now. Fist in the air.

•New Luda off that Battle of the Sexes album – How Low

Early nominee for video of the year? I think so!

•WACKa Flocka Flame – Oh Lets Do It (Ohledoihh)

Why do these garbage ass rappers always get the best beats? Just download the instrumental and rip that shit yourself. Even if you have never written a bar in your life, it couldnt be worse than WACKa Flocka.

Bonus Throwback Joint

•R. Kelly – Half On A Baby

The Arruh in R&B killed this joint. I remember when this came out when I was like 11 or 12 and I knew it was the shit then. 10 plus years later – pretty much the same.

*One day I will figure out how to post audio on this bitch

The Matrix Already Has You: Jay-Z and the Illuminati

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In the interest of full disclosure, for those of you who do not know, I am a huge Jay-Z fan. He is my favorite rapper, the Blueprint (the first one) is my favorite rap album and generally everything he does musically is on point. I even liked Kingdom Come (probably his most underrated album – stop snickering).

Anyway, when my man Felix was telling me that Jay was part of the Illuminati, I reacted like any Jay-Z fan would. I laughed at him. I thought it was pretty funny because I felt that the evidence damning him was so flimsy (still do in many ways). That is until I saw the ‘On to the Next One’ video. Man that is a crazy ass video.

Needless to say that it got me to research more to find out about the symbolism in the video and what it all meant. While I wont get into everything I found out there are a couple places where religious crackpots, I’m sorry, objective writers, try to take a crack at “exposing” the “hidden” (in plain daylight I guess) meanings. Link.

That guy’s site is probably the most comprehensive one that I have come across. And while he does make some very good points, I do not agree with all the assertions he makes or the conclusions he comes to (like this doozy : “Disturbing fact: Both Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee died mysteriously during the filming of deeply occult movies. Ritual sacrifice? That is also a whole other topic.” The fact that the Dark Knight wasn’t a movie about the occult or the fact that there is not any evidence, not even circumstantial, to support such a wild accusation doesn’t seem to slow him down).

But I digress. What do I believe? I believe that Jay-Z is probably a Mason. I also believe that there is a group of elites who run our political and financial infrastructures. The Illuminati? Whatever you want to call them, they are out there, but they do not have sinister intentions to bring about the reign of the devil or the apocalypse . Also, Free Masonry and the Illuminati are not interchangeable, so that needs to stop.

My problem with the people who are claiming Jay-Z is the devil is that they dont follow their own train of thought to its logical conclusion (more on this in a second). You see it all the time on the internets. These are actual quotes:

•”Watch as I break down how Jay-Z is an anti-christ” (smh so much wrong with that one)

•”I’ve been wondering about those water drop scenes for a minute and 1:44 to me it looks like the devil’s head image with the horns and all” (look up Rorschach test)

•”black angel wing and fire is evil demonic symbolism anyone who is good and not simple wud understand (akynos) .. it seems as if u are decived and retarded” (never mind that this person misspelled deceived)

•”Seriously…Jay also talks about Obama, Oprah and MJ. They all have a mission to mislead us..YES even MJ and Oprah!” (I love how in his ‘YES even’ part this one ignored the most important person in that group he listed – Jay-Z duhhhh)

So say, as the last person I quoted, that Obama, Jay-Z and YES even Oprah and MJ are all part of the same group trying to usher in a new world order; and they have their symbol on the back of your money ( the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar); and they control our government, then guess what, the logical conclusion would be that everything you do involving money and the use of our infrastructure is tied to them.

When you go to work, when you pay your taxes, when you drive on the interstate, and ,YES, when you PAY YOUR TITHES at church the Illuminati is in all in that. So again I ask, what are you going to do about it? Bang on the system? I doubt it. That would require the masses to actually do something. People would rather sit behind a computer and bitch about a rapper trying to do whatever it is they are accusing him of doing – I actually dont really understand what the point of telling everyone he is in the Illuminati or what it accomplishes – than to follow what they actually believe and do something about it

So just sit back and continue to watch Jersey Shore and Flavor of Love, pay 400 dollars for your i-phone, click to comment on the google-owned youtube and most importantly enjoy the next Jay-Z/Rihanna/Lady Gaga/Beyonce  video because the matrix already has you and if your not really going to do anything about it, you might as well enjoy it.