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This One is For All the Leaders. Lets Change the World

Posted in Uncategorized on 2011/04/04 by youngwonder

Believe me when I tell you I had no idea that today was the 43rd anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. I was inspired to do a post on MLK after watching the movie ‘Sucker Punch’ on Saturday. At first I wanted to do a post on the movie itself and it’s message, but that just seemed kind of lazy. I was listening to my Zune on my way home after the movie and a song by the Game featuring Nas entitled ‘Letter to the King’ came on the shuffle. Since I dont believe in coincidence, the movie plus the song inspired me to write this post. Today provides the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on one of history’s most well recognized revolutionaries and fighters, Dr. Martin Luther King.

“I ain’t even know the strength you had to have to march/ You were more than just talk/ You were the first real brave heart/ We miss you/ I feel like King be in me sometimes”

I liked the movie Sucker Punch because of the message that was behind it. The movie ends with the line “You have all the weapons you need. Now fight”. That resonated with me because I believe that this is the message that our generation needs to hear the most. We have become, by design, too complacent with the state of affairs in our society. We as a generation are asleep in a matrix of mindless entertainment, distracted by the most trivial “news” all for the purpose of keeping us docile and tractable. Who cares about a war in Libya, March Madness just started and the Situation from Jersey Shore  just gave someone VD, again.

We have allowed our generations greatest achievement and potential savior, the internet, to become another system of control that enslaves us. Television 2.0, now interactive. Have you seen those ‘Bing’ commercials? The search overload commercials where there is a person rambling on about random stuff they had been searching for on the internet, thats us! We have become beholden to our technologies (an idea that has been foretold in generations of science-fiction writing). All the information we could ever want or need at our finger tips and this is how we utilize it.

What does this have to do with ‘Sucker Punch’ or Martin Luther King, you may ask. Well, to fight or march or to do anything that takes effort or goes against the grain requires one important ingredient, a sense of uncomfortableness. As long as we are sedated and comfortable with our surroundings we don’t feel the need to cause a ruckus. Everything is cool. This is where entertainment and the media come in. It is their job to keep us sedated. I believe it is our job, those not trapped in this mental prison, to wake us all up.

Martin Luther King should be celebrated not only because of what he helped black people in this country achieve, but also because he was willing to go against the grain, and in turn inspired the masses to do the same. By no means was this easy, but the fact that he was willing to face not only hatred but almost certain death should serve as an inspiration to us all, leaders.

“But the King who came to Memphis in April of 1968 was a very different man from the one we’ve come to venerate. A fierce critic of the Vietnam War, King had begun to preach an uncomfortable gospel that involved the radical redistribution of wealth. As he became more controversial, his popularity had sagged. Key allies in Washington had abandoned him. He’d gained weight, was sleeping poorly, and was drinking and smoking more. He received frequent death threats. His marriage was strained from his travels and dalliances. One of his mistresses, in fact, was staying at the Lorraine the night before he was killed.”

Some would have you believe that there is nothing wrong with our society today. But the evidence overwhelmingly suggests otherwise. Our elections are bought and paid for, the poor get screwed out of their pensions while the rich receive bailouts that are funded by the poor’s pensions, lol (have to laugh to keep from crying), we are killing people in the middle east over oil (again), our country’s educational system is a joke, college is becoming less and less affordable at the same time the value of a college degree is falling trepiditiously. And then there is Soulja Boy and Rhianna…. It takes strength to fight against evil, a strength that King and all the revolutionaries of the ’60’s and all the revolutionaries throughout history had. A strength that lay dormant in us, until now.

People are waking up at an increasing rate as the powers that be have gotten more bold about doing what it is that they do (case in point; in ’03 George Bush lied to the nation to get us to go to war with Iraq. 8 years later in 2011, Obama simply went to war, didnt tell anybody, then explained his actions 10 days after the war started, I kinda miss Dubya…). I never get angry at Obama or Bush or any politician anymore. As the scholar and gentlemen Weezy ‘the F is for Finisher’ Baby says “I had my heart broken by this woman named Tammie/ But hoes gonna be hoes so I couldnt blame Tammie”. Our politicians are puppets who do the bidding of their puppet masters. They will do what they are supposed to do. I more so get angry at the masses indifference to their bullshit. We just bend over and take it.

I fight the best way I know how, through this blog. Through letting the dozen or so people who care what I have to say into my perspective on todays current issues. Leaders, we all have the spirit of MLK in us, it’s high time we asserted ourselves and fought against the direction that I know you see our society going. Our strength lies in our numbers. This is still a democracy and we still have the power to fight. We have to wake this country up from it’s slumber before it is too late. If this resonates at all with you then be ready to “march”. This is the day of reckoning, it’s time to either get down or lay down.  You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.