A Generation Drowning in Information, Yet Still Thirsty For Knowledge


This is the information age. In this day and age any piece of information on any topic you could possibly think of is literally sitting at your fingertips. So why does it seem like ignorance is at an all time high in our society. It’s almost like the more information we have access to, the less we know. A catch 22 indeed.

I bring this up because of a discussion some friends and I have been having on gmail about the war in Libya. I (being the contrarian that I am) am on the complete opposite side of my liberal mates who are in support of the war. The argument pretty much goes like this: They say ‘Gaddafi is/was targeting protesters so the US is right for intervening’. I say ‘How do you know that Gaddafi is/was targeting protesters, there is no evidence that suggests this’. I then get a link to an article such as this which then “proves” their point that Gaddafi is in fact killing civilians.

I am a skeptic by design so I am going to look at this article critically and tell you why this is hack journalism (not that hack journalism isnt prevalent in the whole of the main stream media, MSM from now on).

Relevant quote from the article:

“The situation here is very bad. Tanks started shelling the town this morning,” a resident, called Mohammed, told Reuters by telephone from outside the city’s hospital, adding:

“Snipers are taking part in the operation too. A civilian car was destroyed killing four children on board, the oldest is aged 13 years.”

For me to say that this person is not credible enough of a  source for this to be your only source in the story seems painfully obvious to me. Its some guy who called Rueters, claimed to be ouside of the hospital and apparently has inside knowledge as to who was in this alleged exploded car and the ages of said explosion victims. Theres a possibility that the entire story was made up. The hospital was not called for the story. No attempt was made to contact family members to coroberate the story, no actual journalism was done.

It’s like if I called Reuters right now and said there is a UFO landing on my house right now and Reuters ran a headline the next day that read “UFO Lands on Man’s House”. That would be insanity and you wouldnt expect that type of journalism from such a “trusted” news organization. Ive seen this story re-reported in the Post, but the death toll from the car explosion was 6 and the source was a doctor at the hospital, supposedly.

Some of the things that bother me about this story specifically:

Nevermind the fact that the idea of a car carrying 4 or six children driving in the middle of a war zone seems fishy at best to me, nevermind the person propogating this has the motive and means to lie about the situation, the fact that this story has gained so much steam without a shred of evidence is what leads me to believe that its false. It runs lock step with what the Obama administration would have you believe about what going on in Libya. Where have we seen this type of behavior before?

Oh yea, it was 2003. In the run up to the Iraq war, if you will recall, Bush’ administration came with a media blitz. Chart after chart, graph after graph, UN hearing after UN hearing, we were told that Sadam Hussein had WMD’s, yellow cake uranium, and all other types of shit that could harm US citizens. The media got this information, did no research into its validity and ran wild with it. Why? Because believe it or not, the MSM feeds off of public panic. Its the lifeblood of the industry. The more people are scared, the more they look to CNN, Wapo, NY Times, Fox News for answers. Its whats good for business.When It turned out that the information was incorrect and that the MSM hadn’t done their jobs, their reaction was simply ‘Whoops, Mulligan’.

To the public that recent history seems like a lifetime ago. But it wasn’t. In fact the coalition (coalition of the willing, right) invaded Libya almost 8 years to the day that they invaded Iraq. It wasn’t that long ago, but the lessons that we should have learned have been long forgotten. President Obama has a speech planned for Monday concerning Libya that I am sure  all of the MSM networks will be televising. After you watch the speech, I urge you to turn off your set or change the channel . Don’t listen to to the recap. Let what he said sink into your brain. Think critically on your own about what he said and how you feel about it. We are told what the news is then told how to feel about the news; just a herd moving along. But how do you feel about the situation. Even if you don’t come to the same conclusion as I did, the fact that you thought critically on your own is a step towards breaking the hold that the MSM has on our society. We dont have any excuses. All of the knowledge we need is within our reach, drink from the trough. Free your mind.


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