Zune Tuesday*

Ok so to make this blog better and my posts more frequent I think itll be good to designate days for certain postings. The only problem with this idea is that I probably wont stick to it, but hopefully I will.

So from now on Tuesdays will be devoted to emptying the contents of my Zune, yes I said Zune onto these pages. Why should you care what I’m listening to. Because I’m the shit thats why, and my musical tastes are above reproach. Got that? Good. Now without further ado, lets get it in.

•Nas and Damien Marley off the oft delayed and hopefully dropping soon collab album Distant Relatives – Strong Will Continue

This really is my shit right now. Fist in the air.

•New Luda off that Battle of the Sexes album – How Low

Early nominee for video of the year? I think so!

•WACKa Flocka Flame – Oh Lets Do It (Ohledoihh)

Why do these garbage ass rappers always get the best beats? Just download the instrumental and rip that shit yourself. Even if you have never written a bar in your life, it couldnt be worse than WACKa Flocka.

Bonus Throwback Joint

•R. Kelly – Half On A Baby

The Arruh in R&B killed this joint. I remember when this came out when I was like 11 or 12 and I knew it was the shit then. 10 plus years later – pretty much the same.

*One day I will figure out how to post audio on this bitch


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