The Matrix Already Has You: Jay-Z and the Illuminati

In the interest of full disclosure, for those of you who do not know, I am a huge Jay-Z fan. He is my favorite rapper, the Blueprint (the first one) is my favorite rap album and generally everything he does musically is on point. I even liked Kingdom Come (probably his most underrated album – stop snickering).

Anyway, when my man Felix was telling me that Jay was part of the Illuminati, I reacted like any Jay-Z fan would. I laughed at him. I thought it was pretty funny because I felt that the evidence damning him was so flimsy (still do in many ways). That is until I saw the ‘On to the Next One’ video. Man that is a crazy ass video.

Needless to say that it got me to research more to find out about the symbolism in the video and what it all meant. While I wont get into everything I found out there are a couple places where religious crackpots, I’m sorry, objective writers, try to take a crack at “exposing” the “hidden” (in plain daylight I guess) meanings. Link.

That guy’s site is probably the most comprehensive one that I have come across. And while he does make some very good points, I do not agree with all the assertions he makes or the conclusions he comes to (like this doozy : “Disturbing fact: Both Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee died mysteriously during the filming of deeply occult movies. Ritual sacrifice? That is also a whole other topic.” The fact that the Dark Knight wasn’t a movie about the occult or the fact that there is not any evidence, not even circumstantial, to support such a wild accusation doesn’t seem to slow him down).

But I digress. What do I believe? I believe that Jay-Z is probably a Mason. I also believe that there is a group of elites who run our political and financial infrastructures. The Illuminati? Whatever you want to call them, they are out there, but they do not have sinister intentions to bring about the reign of the devil or the apocalypse . Also, Free Masonry and the Illuminati are not interchangeable, so that needs to stop.

My problem with the people who are claiming Jay-Z is the devil is that they dont follow their own train of thought to its logical conclusion (more on this in a second). You see it all the time on the internets. These are actual quotes:

•”Watch as I break down how Jay-Z is an anti-christ” (smh so much wrong with that one)

•”I’ve been wondering about those water drop scenes for a minute and 1:44 to me it looks like the devil’s head image with the horns and all” (look up Rorschach test)

•”black angel wing and fire is evil demonic symbolism anyone who is good and not simple wud understand (akynos) .. it seems as if u are decived and retarded” (never mind that this person misspelled deceived)

•”Seriously…Jay also talks about Obama, Oprah and MJ. They all have a mission to mislead us..YES even MJ and Oprah!” (I love how in his ‘YES even’ part this one ignored the most important person in that group he listed – Jay-Z duhhhh)

So say, as the last person I quoted, that Obama, Jay-Z and YES even Oprah and MJ are all part of the same group trying to usher in a new world order; and they have their symbol on the back of your money ( the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar); and they control our government, then guess what, the logical conclusion would be that everything you do involving money and the use of our infrastructure is tied to them.

When you go to work, when you pay your taxes, when you drive on the interstate, and ,YES, when you PAY YOUR TITHES at church the Illuminati is in all in that. So again I ask, what are you going to do about it? Bang on the system? I doubt it. That would require the masses to actually do something. People would rather sit behind a computer and bitch about a rapper trying to do whatever it is they are accusing him of doing – I actually dont really understand what the point of telling everyone he is in the Illuminati or what it accomplishes – than to follow what they actually believe and do something about it

So just sit back and continue to watch Jersey Shore and Flavor of Love, pay 400 dollars for your i-phone, click to comment on the google-owned youtube and most importantly enjoy the next Jay-Z/Rihanna/Lady Gaga/Beyonce  video because the matrix already has you and if your not really going to do anything about it, you might as well enjoy it.


One Response to “The Matrix Already Has You: Jay-Z and the Illuminati”

  1. yo, sun, you mad hatyin on liek us commnters and stuf. just cuz jay-z and obama, and YES, EVEN oprah and MJ are lieing to us, doesn’t meen weer all stoopid. Hayter.

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