Michael Steele wins the STFU of the Week Award

Beautiful isn’t it. Michael Steele just provided an outstanding example of feigned outrage that has become the norm in our political dialogue as seen through the lense of 24 hour cable news networks. Everything is a story nowadays.

As it shows in the video, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was caught saying some ridiculous statement (ridiculous only because he actually said it. I mean I don’t really disagree with what he was saying, but thats another discussion for another day), he apologizes, Obama accepts (again, another discussion for another time, sigh) and here we are.

The Fox News – read Republican shill – is outraged. Even comparing the statement to Trent Lott’s, the former Mississippi senator, statement concerning his affinity for Strom Thurmond, a senator known for his opposition to the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s.

Theres only one problem, Trent Lott never apologized for his statement, Harry Reid did. No Michael Steele, the problem isn’t that Democrats are let off the hook when it comes to racial issues, its that Republicans never apologize for their racial gaffes because they don’t believe that they are wrong. Black people are just too sensitive.

So please cut the bullshit. You don’t care what he said really, both you,Steele, and the idiot anchor just want to score (imaginary) political points by sticking it to Reid on a subject that you KNOW your party is weak on. No one is fooled, but your peons are gobbling this up I’m sure.

To me both political parties suck. Republicans just suck that much more because not only are they politicians, but they are often politicians from places where time hasn’t moved in the last 40 years. Which in turn makes them just a little more evil in my eyes.


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