“You Aint Gangsta Unless You Fight”

So me and my man E* were having a convo on the train about the hardest rap verses ever. Just the most gangster ish that made you get the stank face and say “damn, my man was angry when he recorded this shit”. While his blog post about this can be found here, he has a selection that while hard, has nothing on my choice. Beanie Sigel – Get Low feat Rock City.

The song was off his first post-prison album, the Solution. Beans has been known for some hard verses previously but this joint takes the cake. The song starts off with this mission statement:

“Yea, Its the Broad Street Bully back ready to lock in/ My hand on my twins underneath where my cock ends/ Niggas got cute once they heard I was locked in/ But heres where all the bullshit bout the Roc ends”

Now with the 808 thundering the boom-pap you know your in for some gangsta shit.

Fresh over the barbwire its the livewire/Disrespectful ignorant niggas/ you can suck my dick/ Drink my piss/ Could eat my shit/ Strictly raw dog when I enter you niggas/ No pause no homo/ No vaseline when I enter niggas slow mo with that broom stick nigga

Ouch**. This nigga is crazy. He talking bout raping some dude with a broomstick NYPD style***.

You niggas dont want it with fat boy/ You’d rather get your hair permed and pulled/ Hit with a strap on/ Im a grown ass man I dont play no games/ Death could be your destiny child/ Just say my name.

And with that the hardest verse of all time is ended with a great play on words and a shout to Destiny’s Child lol. Long live the Broad Street Bully.

Btw Beans new song is absolutely AMAZING. The Broad Street Bully drops Sept 1, please go cop that.

*His blog is hillarious




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