“If You A Gangsta This is How You Prove It to Me”

I was watching the Phillies-Cubs game tonight in which Pedro Martinez made his return to baseball for the visiting Phillies. The game was a 12-2 blow out for the visitors heading into the bottom of the 5th inning when IT happened. With the bases loaded and Pedro Martinez on the ropes the Cubs hitter belts a pop fly to center field, Victorino ranges back and….. Splash. Some drunken idiot throws his beer all over Victorino.

The fans in the midwest seem to have a problem with keeping their drinks in their hands. This unfortunate incident gave me an opportunity to revisit one of the greatest moments of television I’ve ever seen.

I remember watching this game five years ago. It was a Friday night game on ESPN that had pretty big playoff implications as the Pacers and Pistons were battling for position in the Central Division. I was just about to go turn the game off when Ben Wallace shoved Artest. Like any air-breathing male I wanted to see a fight, and man did Artest oblige.

I never blamed Artest for going in the stands. Theres a line you dont cross and the idiot (turned out to be the guy holding Artest back and punching him in the head not the dweeb with the glasses) who threw the beer should have been beat down for being such an ass.

Now Stephen Jackson on the other hand, smh. He went crazy, punching anything that moved. My favorite parts of the video are A) Bill Walton “This is a disgrace”

B) Mike Breen “Ron Artest has a look in his eye that is very scary”

C) The cop threatening to pepper spray Ron Artest after he is already under control, smh.*

D) The chair being thrown.**

And the absolute best part of the fight was Jermaine O’Neal’s slide punch taking out that fat guy on the court. Fans have a right to heckle but when you throw things on the court you have crossed the line and you deserve a crazy dude like Artest in your face. You wouldn’t throw a beer on him on the street, what makes you think its ok to do it in this setting? Hopefully the fan who threw the beer on Victorino tonight got what was coming to him.

*I guess his training just took over. When in doubt, mace the angry black man

**Seriously who throws a chair into a crowd of people. Thats gets two lol’s and one smh..


2 Responses to ““If You A Gangsta This is How You Prove It to Me””

  1. djmrfantastic Says:

    yo, man, that pistons fight was ridiculous, even now, like 18 years later. and jermaine o’neal had the undisputed heavyweight title with that haymaker he threw. GOOOOOOOODdamn.

  2. djmrfantastic Says:

    AND, the best part is, they can’t blame either of these on niggas. The white man is FINALLY held responsible. i can die a happy man.

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