“Everything Can Change In A New York Minute”

Sorry about the silence over the last few days but I have been caught up in some stuff. For the morning we get our Wednesday News Roundup, with some music that I will be playing today. And then later on I will have another post. Onto the news!

-C-Murder was found guilty of, you guessed it, Second Degree Murder. All I have to say is that if the details of this story are true, may he rot in jail.

-Drake and Trey Songz are currently shooting the vid for Drizzy Drake’s next single Successful. For his sake I hope its better than his last video. By better I mean even more T&A of course. “Take that D”

-Slaughterhouse’s Album dropped yesterday so pick up a copy if your into them. I dunno, their first single could have been better.

Lol some one get Joel Ortiz a stylist ASAP. That newspaper boy hat is just wrong on so many levels.

World population set to reach 7 Billion next year. I remember in my lifetime when we were at 5 billion. And the Catholic church is against condoms, smh.

And for all of you people with smart phones, rejoice. Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up to give you Office Apps. Why you would need MS Word on your Blackberry I do not know, but that’s probably why I don’t have a smart phone*.

and now, on to the entertainment…..

*That and crushing poverty….


One Response to ““Everything Can Change In A New York Minute””

  1. djmrfantastic Says:

    there’s gonna be ANOTHER post? TODAY? holy shit. also, GI Joe review = exactly what I expected. But a good review, nonetheless.

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