“Guess Who’s Bizack”

Id Like to shout out.....
I’d Like to shout out…..

So apparently when I said I was going to New York for “a week or so” last year what I really meant was that I would be gone for 364 days. A lot has happened over the last year. We elected our first black president*. Most of our financial markets have damn near collapsed**. Kobe won another ring. Young Jeezy dropped a classic album***. I graduated****. And now Im back blogging.

I have been reading my previous work and Ive noticed two things. First, despite the occasional run on and sentence structure problem, my writing was entertaining. To me at least. So I think with just a few tweaks in my editing this thing could be something really great. The other thing I noticed is that I would almost never deliver on a promise I made during a post. “I will be posting tonight”, “I’ll post a review tomorrow” and “Ill get to it” were just a few of the the things I would say before not delivering. This time around that will not be the case*****.

 With that said there will probably be a post later today about a real topic. This post was just to let you guys****** know that I’m back. Im going to go scour the internet to find something to bitch about, so until later.

*And have gone on to question his citizenship, whether he’s a communist,  whether he is a socialist, whether he is a racist etc etc. About what I expected

**Not at all related to the previous statement

***Whoooaa that ‘Recession’ album was the shit

****(Diddy Voice) Take that

*****Lol dont hold me to that

******All 1 of you


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