“Dear Summer I know you gon’ miss me”

Great cover

Great cover

With summer being in its last month I thought that a summer music wrap up would be in order. Im trying to think of what this years song of the summer was and I am coming up blank. I mean I guess you can put “A Milli” up there, you could also arguably put “Lookin Boy”, “Bust It Baby”, “Love in the Club” and a number of other songs. So if you, the readers, have a definate summer jam for this year please comment because I can’t figureout/remember what it was. There was no “Ballin” or “Hot in Here” to speak of.

Meanwhile here are some upcoming August releases to close out the summer that should be making an appearance on my Zune*:

D-Block – Prepare For Glory – August 19 (What a great album title)

**Young Jeezy – The Recesion – August 19

Ice Cube – Raw Footage – August 19

The Game – LAX – August 26

With the dissapointment that was “Tha Carter III***” this summer has been a bit of a snoozer. However with Nas album being absolute fiyah, Jigga supposedly droppin’ in the 4th quarter along with Em’ and the good Doc and “Detox”, this might turn out to be a pretty good year musically.

*Yea I said Zune, me and the other person in America who have one are very happy

**Not really excited for this one but it will be a big release

***Part 2 remains his best album


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