“Why do rappers lie in 85% of they rhymes?”


The Boss-Boss-Boss-Boss-Boss-Boss-Boss…………

– The lyrical Shakespeare, T-Pain

So everyone has presumably heard about the situation Rick ‘The Boss’* Ross now finds himself in. Ross, government name William Leonard Roberts, it seems has been outed by an anonymous tipster who has provided the media with pictures of him when he was a corrections officer in Florida. Ross claimed that the man in the photo was indeed him, but that the picture must have been photoshopped. The anonymous tipster then struck again** and released negatives of the photo which then proved to the masses that Ross had indeed been ‘cuffin em’ before he started his illustrious rap career.

He He

He He

 The whole situation is pretty funny if you ask me, but what I can’t understand is all the people running around the Internet acting hurt. You see it on comment boards on allhiphop and especially those cess pools of ig’nance, hiphopdx and worldstarhiphop about how Ross is this that and the third. Pump your brakes children, Rick Ross is a rapper. Of course hes not a real drug dealer! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a man who is 31 and claims to have known Pablo Escobar personally, is probably lying about his past. Its entertainment folks.




I put rappers in the same lane as I do actors. Do I believe that Al Pacino was a Cuban exile who came to this country for a better life and ended up with a double barrel shotgun slug in his back? Absolutely not. Do I believe that there is a big fat guy delivering gifts to children who have been nice every Christmas Eve? Absolutely not. Likewise I don’t believe you Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Plies, T.I, Ne-yo, Beyonce, whoever! Does that mean I cant enjoy these peoples music? Absolutely not. Rick Ross wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if he was rapping about his life as an overweight corrections officer as opposed to him rapping about his life as an overweight drug kingpin who knew Pablo Escobar at the age of 12. Which brings me to my final point.

I could literally look at photoshopped Ross pictures all day and be entertained

I could literally look at photoshopped Ross pictures all day and be entertained

Trilla, Ross’ latest album, is absolutely fiyah! I wasnt even a Ross fan until this album, that’s how good it is. So who cares if hes a phony. Keep making good music and don’t worry about nothing else and you’ll be fine.

*As in “I dont want no trouble boss” and “Which way is commissary boss”



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