“Thats how it went, when we were kids”

I did it because its fun. Fun to do bad things

"I did it because its fun. Fun to do bad things"

I was up late last night trying to think of a topic to post about this morning. Unsuccessful, I simply went to sleep and figured something would come to me in the morning at work. I mean I have had 3 days off, there must be something I am angry/excited/happy/scared about, right? Wrong! Ive got nothing, except for a story from my childhood that is pretty funny now that I think about it, but wasn’t so funny when it happened. I remembered this story after chilling with a friend on saturday I graduated with in 2005.  It takes place in the year 2000 when I was in the 8th grade.

So my friend was the hell raiser at my school. He was constantly getting in trouble for dumb shit such as but not limited to: Waking up the principal of our school, who was asleep in our class,  by slamming a book on the table by his ear, acting a fool during assembly, mocking and mimicking teachers to their faces, destroying shit and pretty much anything else you can think of.

composite sketch of my friend

composite sketch of my friend

My school was a small private school full of lower income families, so the facilities were hood to say the least. Our classes were divided by these ten foot Styrofoam dividers. My friend thought it would be funny if during class he would ask to go to the bathroom and while outside shoot rubber bands over the dividers into other classrooms and then run. While I never joined him in this foolishness, I thought it was funny as hell. They never caught him but there was this big investigation into who was doing it and everyone knew who it was, but there just wasnt any proof.

So one day the teacher in the class next to ours comes to my class. My friend isnt there, but me and another classmate are and she starts letting me have it. She proceeds to yell at me about how she knows that its me and my friend doing it, and that if we dont come forward then we were going to get in more trouble and all that bullshit. She leaves and Im pissed like shit like ‘how dare that heifer accuse me’! I hadnt done anything wrong. So im talking to my other classmate, and I quote “Im not doing this shit, but if they are going to accuse me I should start” and at that moment, the rubberband I was playing with accidentally shoots over the divider and lands into her class. She comes back and screams ‘I knew it was you’ and promptly takes me to the principal’s office. I remember I got into so much trouble meanwhile the real culprit was still on the loose shooting rubber bands into other classes.

Now I was never mad at my friend. It wasnt his fault I’m a clumsy idiot, but I was mad at myself and that whore of a teacher for getting me in trouble. Even though I got punished for it* its still a very funny episode.

*Im pretty sure I got a beating when I got home lol


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