“Even though it seems heaven sent, we aint ready to see a black president”

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Be afraid. Be very afraid!



The main stream media needs to cut the shit! Stop the bullshit sensationalism, I’m tired of it. A year ago you know what they were asking about Barack Obama? Is he black enough? Will the black community embrace him because he’s not really black? He grew up in Hawaii, he had a white mother, he has not had the typical African American upbringing so he’s not one of them. Does anyone remember this? They brought out polls* to show that the majority of African Americans were going to vote for Hillary. And now?

Oh my 91% of African Americans are going to vote for Obama in the upcoming national election. The question the main stream media is now asking is “Is this right”. They say “black people are blindly following Barack, just because he is black”. Wow, just wow. While the 91%statistic may be true**, it is disingenuous to come to the conclusion that blacks are simply flocking to Obama because of his race. Newsflash, 65% of African American voters are registered Democrats!  I’m tired of the black vote being belittled in the mainstream media. According to this MSNBC article in 2004, the vast majority of African Americans who were eligible to vote did vote. Blacks represent 13.2 percent of this country’s population and in turn represented 11.2 percent of the voting population. 84% of the 16 million registered African American voters voted. From the article:

According to a 2002 survey by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, 63 percent of African-American voters consider themselves Democrats, while 24 percent call themselves independents; only 10 percent call themselves Republicans.

If these numbers hold true, then where does the 91% figure come from? Well let’s look at the last 8 years. African Americans were already down on the Republican Party, and now the rest of the country seems to have caught up to what we already knew about the neo-con movement. So not only are we down on Republicans, but there also is not a strong Independent candidate running. Nader has fallen out of favor with just about every bloc of Independent voters and with the Republican/Libertarian option off of the table, WHERE THE EFF ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GO!

I would have voted democratic in this election if the candidate had been white, blue or green. The fact that Barack is black is only an added bonus in my book. Hell yea I’m proud of what he is doing, hell yea I’m happy that a black man is in this position, but I am not voting for him because of his race. If it were really true that blacks were so politically inept that they just vote their race, then why haven’t Jesse or Al had the same following as Barack. Why haven’t we elected Puff fucking Daddy to office yet. Huh?

Hes black, and even wearing a suit. Will never be President!

Hes black, and even wearing a suit. Will never be President!



The black middle class in this country, happens to be the largest segment of blacks, is habitually belittled by everyone from BET to Fox News**and I am absolutely sick of it. Blacks are more politically savvy than just voting for the guy who shares the same color. What about whites who will NOT vote for Obama because of his skin color? I would be willing to bet that that number far exceeds the blacks who will vote for him for the wrong reasons.

The youth vote in America has risen over the last 8 years to unprecedented levels. And you know which communities had the largest jump? Ill let you see for yourself. I am voting for Obama in November not because of his skin color, but rather because I can ill afford not to.

*You can make a poll say anything you want it to. A great quote about statistics as a science is that statistics is the only “science” where two different statisticians can see the exact same data and come to completely different conclusions


**How the fuck could you possibly know that?


***One in the same in my book

Oh and one last thing. Peace to Derrick Ashong, who if you havent heard of him is this kid who was interviewed by this real agressive white guy on the street about why he was voting for Obama and completely owned the fool. Heres the vid.


5 Responses to ““Even though it seems heaven sent, we aint ready to see a black president””

  1. chemistsense Says:

    I bet Derrick wanted to punch that reporter in the face! The first thing I thought was, okay, why is he tryin’ to put words in this young man’s mouth? Let him talk!! I’m glad he was bigger than that though. As far as Obama, I personally believe he is the best choice we have, but I wouldn’t be mad if someone told me that they were voting for him because he was black. At least they’re voting, and we so seldom take care of our own. Every other race does (I mean why else would you vote for dubyah a second time…), so when there is a viable black candidate available, why shouldn’t we?

  2. DaveG Says:

    You convinced me. P. Diddy 08!

  3. youngwonder Says:

    If I can just get one person to vote for Diddy in ’16 then I have done my job

  4. youngwonder Says:

    I think its so funny that people are actually like I wont vote for him cus hes muslim.

    Not only is he not muslim, but even if he was ………. Thats just ignant on so many levels

  5. I think personally people did’nt want to vote Obama because he is BLACk and I know that for a fact…..

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