“When I come back like Jordan”

Does this look like a man whose ready to retire?!

Does this look like the face of a man whose ready to retire?!



LaDainian Tomlinson is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the NFL. I admire any athlete that has the balls to say what he actually feels about a situation and not have to sugar coat anything. These are the type of players that keep the league interesting. With that being said, Tomlinson has completely changed my view on this Brett Favre saga that seems to be the top story on ESPN, C-Span, The Weather Channel, and BET* for some reason. Here are some excerpts from what LT had to say about the situation:

 “Brett Favre should have the opportunity to control his own destiny,”

“If he wants to come back and play football, then let him come back. I think that he was forced to retire prematurely. He finally realized that’s not what he wants to do.”

Since I am not a huge Brett Favre fan I blindly accepted the whole situation surrounding his retirement at face value. Instead of asking questions and thinking practically about the situation, I just assumed what the media was telling me was true**. But lets be real people, does anyone really believe Favre wanted to retire? Why would he, he was one dumb interception away from the Superbowl last season***. Favre doesn’t seem like the type to quit abruptly when he was so close to the glory of the Lombardi trophy.


Can you imagine the Bulls not letting him come back?

Can you imagine the Bulls not letting him come back?

Meanwhile Greenbay drafts Aaron Rodgers 4 years ago to be Favre’s heir apparent. He has under 60 career passing attempts and is going into this season, his last under contract with the Packers, having never started an NFL regular season game. This is the future of the Packer’s franchise and if Brett was allowed to play again this year then they would have received absolutely nothing in return for their investment in Rodgers. The Packers have probably been trying to get Favre to retire for two seasons now. After the ’06 campaign there was no reason to believe the Packers were going anywhere finishing the season 8-8 and why not cut your losses and start all over. Meanwhile Favre says nothing about organizational pressure for him to retire because of the backlash the team would face.

Fastforward to this off season and all of a sudden Brett Favre is the bad guy. He wont let the Packers move on, hes being selfish, hes being hardheaded, when in fact all he wants to do is play. In fact his need to play exceeds his love for the Packers because he is willing to play nearly anywhere else**** that wants him. No matter how much I think Favre is overrated, I believe in players rights and Favre should have the right to continue to play the game that he loves. So if the Packers have indeed moved on then also allow Favre to move on because as LT put it he does deserve at least that much.

*Sike, yall know BET don’t have nothing constructive on


***And one dumb interception 4 years ago, and one dumb interception ……..

**** Lol except the strip club capital of the US



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