“She told me that the radio was playin the same song all night long”

You aint foolin nobody

You aint foolin nobody

I am poor and therefore cannot afford premium cable, nor do I normally watch a lot of TV. However I am house sitting for a friend right now and he has the Comcast digital hookup. So I am browsing through and apparently there is an entire MTV channel devoted to rap* called MTV Jams. I cannot tell you how excited I was for this as I love hip hop** and think there is not nearly enough of it on “hip hop” radio and tv stations. My optimism soon eroded to cynicism as I was bombarded by the same three god awful videos*** every 30 minutes. It seemed like every time I turned it from ESPN, the only other channel I watch, these videos would be on. So here is the run down of the current songs on MTV Jams heavy rotation and why they should never be played again.

TI – Still I Stand

TI lets get one thing straight. You are NOT the victim of anything. Your dumbass should be in jail for what you did, and the fact that your trying to come off as a martyr in this video (peep the civil rights era styled footage on the wall) just plain sickens me.

Mariah Carey ft TI – Love You Long Time

Mariah Carey is still a dime, but I can only watch this video with the sound off.

Plies ft Ne-Yo – Bust It Baby Pt 2

Though this song is the best of the trio from hell, I saw this video at least 10 times this weekend. And I dont even watch tv like that! I swear it haunted me in my sleep.****

*You know, like BET but not as shitty

**And pretty much nothing else at this point

*** Read: songs

****There is no way Ne-Yo likes girls

The song for today is the excellent Roots song “Rising Up featuring Wale and Chrisette Michelle”


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