“Welcome to the Terrordome”

First of all I would like to welcome you to the musings, opinions and trials of … me. I’ve grappled with the idea of blogs before just because, shit, what makes me think that anything I have to say should be read by anyone else. What makes my opinion so interesting? The answer I came up with is that its all about perspective, baby!

Im coming from a perspective that hopefully readers will not only find interesting, but will also  give them a different perspective on their own shit. Please grow with me as I figure out which direction I want this vehicle to go. Should I concentrate on social issues, (I’m one of those VOBM – very opinionated black males), my life (really, who cares), sports/entertainment (kind of a cop out), or a combination of these things? Well I’ll figure it out sooner or later and hopefully pick up some fans along the way.

This would be a good time to introduce myself I guess. My name is Tony and I go to school in Washington D.C.* I am interning this summer downtown. I have had “real” job(s**) before but this is the realest. Im currently single (my choice) but women (and their craziness) will be a recurring theme here. I follow sports and music (just hip-hop really***). So please enjoy yourself as I prove through my bullshit, life just isnt short enough.

*This will soon be untrue as I am a senior

** Does doing slave work for an upstart company count as a real job?

*** Outside of like two artists this sucks.


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